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Our Values

At Kyu Solutions HR our daily work is built on six principles that serve as our core values.

Our primary concern

Our clients and candidates are the reason for our existence. Everything we do is to help our clients find transcendent talent and our candidates realize their career aspirations. We are only successful when they are.

Exceed expectations

Merely satisfied is not sufficient. Our goal with every interaction is to help people have more than they expected. Doing this requires to put our clients’ and candidates’ interests ahead of our own and truly understanding their ultimate objectives.

Discretion and integrity

Ethics, integrity, and trust are the key at Kyu Solutions HR. Without these traits, we cannot succeed. Confidentiality is a foundation for recruiting and hiring, and we respect that in everything we do.


To whom much is given; much will be expected. Performance is our measuring stick, and it reflects the merits of each individual’s contribution to our own organisation. But per our first core value, how we treat our clients and candidates, and what we achieve for them, is the true measure of our performance.


The real value of diversity is the positive impact it has on shaping a dynamic and highly collaborative environment. With our skills and backgrounds, we are able to provide our clients and candidates with a rich and intelligent consultative approach.

Continuous improvement

Each recruitment, each meeting with candidates and clients are considered as a enrichment for us. The capitalisation of these experiences gives us a unique, competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace.

Our Methodology

Needs Analysis

Your needs are our drivers. We do our own exhaustive research and work closely with you to understand your strategic, financial, and hiring objectives. We want to know more than simply what the job entails. As such, we work diligently to become a complementary partner to you and to your company.


Documenting a precise job description is vital to a successful search. Defining what you want - and what you don't - is a critical step in the hiring process. We support you to craft the language and create the opportunity that sets the stage for attracting first-rate talent. We help ensure that you hire not only a great person, but the right person.


Through meaningful and objective research into your organization, competitors, and marketplace, we strive to understand your hiring needs and requirements. We also know our candidates. We maintain a highly visible and active presence in the world of social media. We stay engaged and in ongoing dialogue with the brightest, most accomplished professionals. This dynamic blend of skilled business acumen and market insight creates a powerful combination through which we find the best talent for you and your company.


We are dedicated to working with knowledge, speed, and confidentiality. We understand ourclients and candidates, and we appreciate that hiring decisions impact people, companies, families, and careers. Our detailed interviewing process enables Kyu Solutions to precisely match qualifications, cultural fit, and long-term compatibility, and it ensures lasting and successful placements. Time is money, and you want professionals who are ready and able to tackle the challenges you face. We agree, and we only consider candidates who can deliver the financial, operational, and managerial results you require.


Upon completion of our identification and evaluation processes, we provide you a detailed summary of your finest candidates, The candidates we present have the technical and functional proficiencies required for each position. But we don't stop there. We present candidates who demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and the ability to thrive in a team environment. We look for consensus-building aptitude and a capability to affect change.


We understand that negotiations can be challenging, and we are committed to offering intelligent and realistic guidance throughout the process. Our team can manage expectations, maintains open communications with you and the candidates, and expertly facilitates the negotiation process through to its successful completion. We treat our clients and candidates with professional courtesy at every step, and we are well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to maximize your hiring efforts and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Our practice

Human Resources Jobs & Careers

Across all industries, HR jobs are increasingly multifaceted and require that HR professionals expertly administer complex areas of emphasis. From driving organisational performance and building ethics and integrity into company culture to talent acquisition and enhancement, HR leaders need to develop more strategic, business-focused HR organisations. Kyu Solutions HR help candidates advance their HR careers in the businesses where their skills and talents thrive.

Finance Jobs & Careers

The world of finance is changing quickly. From increased worldwide government oversight to fierce global competition, the financial landscape will continue to rapidly evolve. An uncertain marketplace, however, presents opportunities for skilled, experienced finance professionals. Kyu Solutions HR help Luxembourg place qualified candidates in finance management jobs that create genuine, lasting business impact.

Accounting Jobs & Careers

Despite the considerable challenges faced by many economic sectors, accounting management jobs continue to be decidedly bullish. Kyu Solutions HR help talented professionals build and cultivate their accounting careers through targeted, personalized search services that deliver outstanding accounting job.

Job seekers

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We work with clients every day to explore new opportunities. What you’ll find here is a sampling of the jobs we are currently working to fill.

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